At Chalet Dental in Yakima, WA, we understand that your smile is important to you, and we are proud to offer custom-fit mouthguards to help you protect it. Whether you’re playing high-impact sports or participating in high-risk activities, our mouthguards are designed to provide a comfortable yet secure fit that helps shield your teeth from potential damage. 

Read on to learn more about why custom-fit mouthguards are the best way to protect your smile!

What Are Custom-Fit Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are oral appliances designed to be worn over the teeth and gums, forming a protective barrier between them and outside impact. Custom-fit mouthguards are specially designed to fit the shape of your mouth and teeth, providing a secure fit that won’t slip out of place during activity. 

Chalet Dental offers custom-fit mouthguards that provide superior protection and comfort for athletes. With its snug fit and shock-absorbent materials, athletes of all ages can feel confident that their mouthguards are protecting them from potential injury. 

  • Our mouthguards can help protect the teeth and gums from high-impact activities such as boxing, football, and basketball.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom-Fit Mouthguards?

Custom-fit mouthguards provide several distinct benefits over traditional store-bought varieties. These include: 

  • Enhanced comfort: Custom-fit mouthguards are designed to fit your exact dental anatomy, providing a comfortable fit that won’t feel distracting or awkward during activity.
  • Greater fit: Store-bought mouthguards can be too bulky or ill-fitting, leaving parts of the jaw and teeth exposed to potential impact. Custom-fit mouthguards provide greater coverage and protection, shielding even the most difficult-to-reach areas of your smile. 
  • Longer durability: Store-bought mouthguards can become worn down over time, leaving them less effective at protecting your teeth from impact. Custom-fit mouthguards are made to last, providing superior protection for years.  
  • Improved protection: Besides providing a better fit, custom-made mouthguards are also the best choice when it comes to protection. These mouthguards offer superior defense compared to their generic, pre-formed counterparts and can help reduce the risk of injury. They can be a great source of protection against trauma to the mouth or loss of teeth.

At Chalet Dental, we take your smile seriously. That’s why we are proud to offer custom-fit mouthguards that provide superior comfort, protection, and durability. A properly fitting mouthguard is essential for providing adequate protection from dental injuries. Investing in our custom-fit appliances is an easy way to protect your mouth and the long-term health of your teeth.

How Do I Get A Custom-Fit Mouthguard? 

At Chalet Dental, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best care and solutions for your smile. We use advanced technology to capture an exact replica of your teeth, which is used to craft a custom-fit mouthguard that perfectly conforms to your dental anatomy. To get started, simply schedule an appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Maintenance & Care Tips For Your Custom Fit Mouthguard

It’s important to inspect your mouthguard regularly for damage and replace it if necessary. Keeping a mouthguard in top condition not only helps protect your teeth but also provides valuable support to your jaw and other facial tissues. 

Mouthguards should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste after every use to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria. You should also store your mouthguard in a protective case whenever you’re not using it.   

If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your custom-fit mouthguard, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and experienced team at Chalet Dental is here to help you protect your smile!

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